Intercom System for Building and Housing Society 0
Intercom System for Building and Housing Society

Intercom system puts powerful telephony capabilities for your small or large apartment's community, No matter what size. The system provides efficient and reliable communication between each. IP PBX system enables phone calls through IP network data which makes communication easier and cost-efficient.

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How To Choose Best GSM Gateway 0
How To Choose Best GSM Gateway

For call centers, setting up the right calling process is necessary as it defines future growth of the organization. To select the right calling gateway, you first need to understand the components of this system and its working process. So, how GSM gateway works? It provides a connecting point between networks and different protocols. It perform the signal translation process for both end of communication trail. In GSM Gateway, it allows call between PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and network through SIM operations. So, buying the right GSM gateway is much needed and while buying, you must consider the following factors. 

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Basics of Call Center Software 0
Basics of Call Center Software

Call Center Software is the most used technology of call center world that maintain all calling and dialing operations. It is very important to have the best suitable Call Center software for your own call center. So, how you going to understand and decide the one? A lot of vendor in the market are offering different types of call center software and thus it is important for you to understand the basics at first.

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Web Chat | Why Your Website Must Have This 0
Web Chat | Why Your Website Must Have This

Calling customer care is a dreadful task and many customers often avoid doing that. The reason behind this is the long waiting time and the length of the conversation. However, escaping calls is not a solution at some point everyone needs to contact customer support. So what’s the easiest way? Webchat offers the easy way to keep the communication bridge maintained between the customer and service center. Nowadays webchat has become a common trend among companies as it encourages more customer interaction.

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How IVR Can Enhance Communication System In Healthcare Industry 0
How IVR Can Enhance Communication System In Healthcare Industry

With technological advancement businesses are shifting towards adopting new automated systems. The entry of automated processes is accelerating the work speed which ultimately affecting the service development process. One such technology is Interactive Voice Response or IVR that has recently walked into the health sector. In health institutions, it is being used for handling the appointment booking process, the inquiry process, and payment process.

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How IP Phone Enhance Office Communication Level 0
How IP Phone Enhance Office Communication Level

Nowadays, intercom system has become an unavoidable part of the business and personal life. It assures your security standards and thus you always go for the best one. IP based intercom system is the new addition in the range of technically advanced intercom system designed for higher technological facilities. With IP based intercom system you not only can receive calls but also can chat with visitors by connecting smart devices to it.  The best part of this new features intercom system is it offers manual configuration with smartphones and tabs. It also allows re-routing of the unwanted calls to other phone numbers. 

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Ease Resume Screening Process with IVR Technology 0
Ease Resume Screening Process with IVR Technology

The most hectic job of HR department is to go through the resume screening process. The HRs need to go through hundreds of CVs to find the best suitable ones. As getting the right candidate is necessary for organizations, recruitment department has to go through this tedious process. Doing manual screening from 100 CVs is definitely takes a lot of time and effort and thus adopting IVRtechnology for the same helps in fastening the process.

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Benefits of Using IVR in SME 0
Benefits of Using IVR in SME

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is used for flawless business-customer interaction through its high-end technological system. This system is designed to place automated outbound calls and to play pre-recorded audio generation facility to maintain customer interaction without a human operator. This sort of automated interaction is much needed for the business that involves 24x7 services or customer oriented process. Many businesses also use this system for conducting customer survey or market survey. At customer end as well, they need to press options through dial pad and need less time to report issues to the company. 

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Alternatives for Predictive Dialers 0
Alternatives for Predictive Dialers

Efficiency is most important key to success in call centers. In call centers, efficiency is measured through call volume, agent’s downtime and call conversion rate. Such organizations focus on managing the high volume of calls with relatively low agent’s downtime. In most call center, they use predictive dialers to enhance communication efficiency. Predictive dialers help call centers in minimizing downtime with its auto dialing facility and marinating the call flow stream. Predictive dialer are designed to dial and forward maximum possible number of calls at the minimum possible time to an agent.

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Using Bulk SMS & Email Together 0
Using Bulk SMS & Email Together

Bulk SMS and Email Marketing are two proven and easiest way of marketing that connects a large number of customers to your business. Both this marketing tools are used for lead generation, product promotion, sales conversion, PR building and service update news. While businesses generate own lead list to reach them, for these two tools, customers can also opt-in to get into the list. Due to the difference in their nature, it’s hard to distinguish or choose one between bulk SMS and Email marketing. To achieve success in the marketing campaign, it is always better to choose the campaign tool wisely as per the need of the business and promotion. 

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