Alternatives for Predictive Dialers 0
Alternatives for Predictive Dialers

Efficiency is most important key to success in call centers. In call centers, efficiency is measured through call volume, agent’s downtime and call conversion rate. Such organizations focus on managing the high volume of calls with relatively low agent’s downtime. In most call center, they use predictive dialers to enhance communication efficiency. Predictive dialers help call centers in minimizing downtime with its auto dialing facility and marinating the call flow stream. Predictive dialer are designed to dial and forward maximum possible number of calls at the minimum possible time to an agent.

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Using Bulk SMS & Email Together 0
Using Bulk SMS & Email Together

Bulk SMS and Email Marketing are two proven and easiest way of marketing that connects a large number of customers to your business. Both this marketing tools are used for lead generation, product promotion, sales conversion, PR building and service update news. While businesses generate own lead list to reach them, for these two tools, customers can also opt-in to get into the list. Due to the difference in their nature, it’s hard to distinguish or choose one between bulk SMS and Email marketing. To achieve success in the marketing campaign, it is always better to choose the campaign tool wisely as per the need of the business and promotion. 

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Get IVR Based Feedback System To Improve Service Level 0
Get IVR Based Feedback System To Improve Service Level

The success of every business is dependent on their customer satisfaction level. So how you are going to measure it? Well, the most common way for that is through taking feedback from each and every customer right after serving them. Though taking feedback is necessary but it is true that customers are mostly reluctant to provide feedback. Many companies nowadays opted for automated services to take feedback and uses IVR for the same. IVR technology can be perfectly used to take feedback in a simpler way within seconds. Those who have adopted this system has got satisfactory results and customers shown more interest in giving the quick feedback.

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Basics of Noise Cancelling Headsets 0
Basics of Noise Cancelling Headsets

Advancement in technology has introduced us to all new range of headsets loaded with astonishing features. Nowadays, we can find blue-tooth headsets, wired headsets, USB headsets and noise-cancelling headsets. Here in this article, we will discuss about the basic theory of noise control of headsets.Noise-cancelling or noise-control headset basically reduces the surrounding noise by using active soundproofing or noise control techniques. This technique helps in raising the quality of incoming voice without levitating the volume excessively. 

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Can Android Phone Acts As GSM Gateway? 0
Can Android Phone Acts As GSM Gateway?

Smartphones especially android phones have become our inseparable friends day by day and we are habituating ourselves more with it.  To its further extent, now telecom solution sector is also focusing on using smartphones as GSM Gateway. Using the Android phone as SIP client is not difficult any more with advanced technologies and it only requires to connect through a 3G or Wi-Fi connection to an Asterisk server as an extension. Then it acts as a VoIP gateway for outbound and inbound calls.

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IVR To Improve Restaurant Business 0
IVR To Improve Restaurant Business

With advancement in technology, all the business industries have adopted new changes and so as the restaurants business. The traditional dining out culture has witnessed huge technological changes and the whole customer side operations have been modified over the years. Nowadays people book tables online for dining out at restaurants or place a home-delivery order through phone or internet. The restaurants are now more ambitious about business and an efficient Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can control all the online and call communication efficiently.

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Why Use Digital IVR Over Analog IVR 0
Why Use Digital IVR Over Analog IVR

There are many reasons behind digital IVR system taking over the user market over old analog IVR system. The difference between these two types are the CTI boards and telephone lines used in them. While Analog IVRs uses analog CTI boards and analog telephone lines, digital IVRs uses digital CTI boards with PRI/BRI lines, E1/T1 ISDN/SS7 protocols. Digital CTI boards have completely different interface then analog CTI boards. Also, there are many other advantages that digital IVR offer.

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How to Choose the Best CRM Software 0
How to Choose the Best CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management is a process of managing and analyzing customer’s data throughout entire customer life cycle. There are lots of CRM software in the market, but selection of right software; it depends on your business objective and requirement. A perfect CRM system helps you to actively maintain your customer relations in an organized way. So what are the things you should consider before investing in CRM, read this article.

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Why Dairy Industry Need IVR Technology 0
Why Dairy Industry Need IVR Technology

India is one of the major agricultural countries with every day expanding dairy industry. Commercialization of this industry has exposed it into marketing world which evolves every day with new technology. In the dairy industry, the major communication happens during stocking products which are a sensitive work in itself. The retailers place advance orders, daily orders, stocking order and pre-sales order. Moreover, the orders contain various types of products which can be very confusing for a human to note them correctly. This is where IVR plays the role of a hero and deal with all these issues with utter accuracy

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Reasons why GSM Gateway Take Over Indian Communication Market 0
Reasons why GSM Gateway Take Over Indian Communication Market

GSM gateways has gained popularity in last few years with industries focusing on synchronizing their existing communication system to overcome the long-distance issues. In the beginning moving to calling minutes plans with lower budget become friendlier but this new change stayed in the USA only. The Asian countries remain refrained from using these facilities where mobile network providers still charge different rates for landline and mobile calling. In these countries, businesses spend a lot on communication expenses. In this scenario, it has entered to this market with its great facilities at full force.

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